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I finally found access to a scanner so I randomly scanned the first bunch of pictures I found lying around the house. So consider this a picture post.

In no particular order…

Posted by Edo @ 06:09 PM AST [Link] [6 comments]

Replies: 6 comments

Centre parting dude.

Posted by Edo @ 09/11/2003 11:00 AM AST

Dang. Polly is hot.

Tell me edo, did you find the center parting or straight down, or straight back was the optimal mohawk positioning when not spiked?

Posted by Sam @ 09/11/2003 08:26 AM AST

yes. i look like i’m about to fall over.

Posted by mike @ 09/10/2003 04:20 PM AST

I do love how awesomely drunk you look in the New Years picture Mike.

Posted by Edo @ 09/10/2003 10:36 AM AST

i want a jla shirt. i’m jealous.

Posted by mike @ 09/09/2003 09:26 PM AST

Nice pics…nice parting with the mohawk edo. Whoa…Matt seems a lot taller than I remember.

Posted by Pat @ 09/09/2003 08:48 PM AST

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