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Glenmorangie 10 Year Old

DISTILLERY Glenmorangie

TYPE Single Malt


REGION Highlands

COLOR Pale gold

NOSE Light floral aroma and I swear to God…bananas (?)

PALATE Sweet, primarily tastes of vanilla, oak and grass.  Definitely a flavour that is refreshing and evocative of summer.

FINISH Goes down easy. Maybe a little too easy (hehe).


80 out of 100

NOTES After last weeks 60% strength A’bunadh, this was like sipping water.  I suspect the main reason that Glenmorangie does so well in Australia is that it is by far the #1 whisky in the market for being bundled with free crap. I’ve got some Glenmorangie whisky tumblers in my cabinet and I’m pretty sure there’s a Glenmorangie branded pouch and booklet lying around somewhere too.  It’s a modestly priced whisky thats a nice alternative to all the heavyweights I’ve been blogging about in the past few weeks.  Although its milder than most, it still manages to be flavoursome all the same.

The distillery is notable for being north of Aberdeen.  There’s probably only about six things in the world that are north of Aberdeen.

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