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Sunshades? Sunglasses? Sunnies? …oh well, Bubbles!

I went swimming today. It was great and i am very brown. Not green, not pasty…but brown! raaah! Sunshine is good! My sunglasses kick your arse. I like hanging out with old friends again. Oh yeah, i baked a cake today too. It had two layers to it and everything. Thats about as domestic as i’ll get. I was making a mental list when i was bored earlier of all the things that would be great right now.

1) Buttermilk prawns
2) Bubble swords
3) Bubble tea (so chewy!)
4) a bubble bath
5) sex

I guess you can see where my train of thought was going. You know what sucks? I have two months left of nothingness. What the hell am i gonna do? It seemed like a great idea about a month ago…but now i’ve had a month of nothingness…two more seems like a loooong time. I miss my dancing hamster. I have a dancing hamster at home in England, and when you press it’s foot it dances and sings Rapper’s Delight for you. Remember Alvin and the Chipmunks? wasn’t the brainy one so damn annoying?

I had to sort out through some old junk downstairs earlier and i found an old yearbook of ISB, in 1997. We all look silly. I was fat, Pat couldnt grow facial hair, Mike had a Mullet, Tim’s hair had a life of it’s own, and you couldnt see Edo cuz his smile was in the way. Sorry…that might have been Marc Ponce. I am slowly begining to sound like something out of the Wonder Years…

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