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Fat Stats: July 2011

The FAT Website is currently in its eleventh year of operation and aside from a six month hiatus between 2008-2009, the site has now been running for approximately 3,800 days, making it one of the longest running blogs on the Internet.

The last time we looked at the stats was in June 2010.  Back then we were pulling around about 70-80 visitors a day, or about a 2,100 visitors a month.  That number has taken a modest bump upwards and our readership this year sits closer to 2,400 a month.

The website will attract visitors from over 500 different cities around the world in a given month, the majority of hits coming from Australia, Britain and America.

The majority of the TFW readership comes from people who have found the website by searching for something in Google.  They account for 60% of the hits.  There is also a sizable number of regular readers (about 500) who frequently read the site.

A breakdown of the top ten countries providing hits:

What are the top 30 keywords people are using to find our website at the moment?  They’re mostly interested in Super 15 rugby, whisky, Pat, Canada and The FAT Website.

As with last year, the majority of the recurring hits for the website comes from family and friends of TFW bloggers which is then being bolstered by search engine results for regular TFW subject matter (film, video games, whisky, Reds, Roar etc.)

The FAT Website originally started as a community blog in 1999 as a means for six Brunei-based friends to stay in touch as they travelled to different parts of the world.  For the first time in its history, Brunei is not one of the top ten countries which provides hits for the website.  It is now ranked 12th behind Singapore.

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Edo currently lives in Australia where he spends his time playing video games and enjoying his wife's cooking.

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  1. Interesting little fact sheet there! I think that Hawaii hit is from where I was there earlier this year.

    Interesting when you type in the Canada terms into Google and you have my non sense waffle blog that comes up on the first page! Bizarre. Maybe time to update it or leave it there for old times sake!

    Also good to see it appeals a little bit to other general readers, looks like there are some regular readers out there!

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