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The Last Of The E/N

If you’re a long time reader of The FAT Website, and I mean you were there with us twelve years ago, you would remember that TFW was part of a gigantic thriving community of websites that were categorized as ‘E/N’, an abbreviation for Everything/Nothing, the name given to turn-of-the-century blogging. For a small country, Brunei  was heavily involved in this ...

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What Were You Doing A Decade Ago?

With my upcoming trip to the States, The FAT Website will be idle for most of December.  Not to worry though, as there is still plenty of material for regular readers. It’s been about three years overdue but I’ve finally gotten around to uploading some the blogging archives from the earlier years of the website.  I’m still not finished but ...

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Fat Stats: July 2011

The FAT Website is currently in its eleventh year of operation and aside from a six month hiatus between 2008-2009, the site has now been running for approximately 3,800 days, making it one of the longest running blogs on the Internet. The last time we looked at the stats was in June 2010.  Back then we were pulling around about ...

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The FAT Website YouTube Channel

Hey Everyone, Just a quick update to introduce you all to The FAT Website Youtube Channel.  Previously, I had uploaded all the videos for the site under my personal account but since Youtube went widescreen and started taking down videos that had any music owned by Warner, most of the old content has been lost or has a weird screen ...

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Weekend of Twitter

So I signed up to Twitter this weekend.  I’m still getting my head around how it all works.  I’ll get a hang of it over time I guess.  The spam protection thing where you have to type in the word on the screen was racier than I expected. So anyway, I’m at  Please follow my Twitter if you need ...

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The good old days

I’m still in the process of uploading the old archives onto the site.  I do a little bit every night.  I’m probably only a third of the way there.  While its a bit of an effort, its been highly entertaining reading the old entries from everyone.  I’m surprised how different we seem even five years ago, let alone the original ...

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The Fat Website


Hey everyone. Well, here we are again.  The FAT Website is back online! For those of you who wondered what the hell happened these past few weeks, I got some explaining to do.  Unfortnately, its not a particularly interesting story.  I was in the process of moving to Sydney when the time came to pay the bills for the site.  ...

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King of Hardcore and Pornographic Priestess

The day before Chinese New Year was spent organizing the acquisition of large quantities of alcohol and ****s and pornography and wrestling tapes.  Then I end up spending Chinese New Year with Jess and Tom listening to a dumpy little kid talk about earthworms having sex.  We almost watched Lion King 2 but we took a rain check because we ...

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As I look back on the past year, I notice that the year 2000 was, in many respects, a year of change for me. Not only that, but it was the year I fully entered the realm of webpage creation that was first explored through the tentative efforts of my personal site (which was pretty bad actually, before it got ...

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