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Being in Australia i have developed a highly tuned sence of knowledge when it comes to the unique animals that live on this huge country… it allows me to add insight into valuable conversations such as this one:

Russian fuck parade says: all marsupials should die
Matt says: amen to that
Matt says: speaking of which, kangaroo pouches are the strangest shit i’ve ever seen
Russian fuck parade says: lol
Matt says: crazy little pouches of skin.. i hope they all fall off and go to africa for the long winter
Russian fuck parade says: or get a hole and then have short change rattling around in their lower torso for the rest of their lives
Matt says: yea… its twisted. did you know that the babies dont sit with there head out
Matt says: instead they are upside down with there feet hanging out
Matt says: it looks like birth
Russian fuck parade says : lol
Matt says: fucking stupid animals
Matt says: plus they wouldnt let me feed them but they’d let my friend feed them
Russian fuck parade says: wtf
Russian fuck parade says: discrimination!
Matt says: totally! everytime i tried they’d just hop away and hop straight towards her…
Matt says: so i kicked her in the head and covered her in bbq sauce… lets see how she likes THAT attention
Russian fuck parade says: haha!
Matt says: i must confess… that last bit was untrue
Russian fuck parade says: it was the only part i believed
Russian fuck parade says: now i am sad
Matt says: as am i…. as am i

Edo is back in australia now and apparently his parents said that they will pay for him to move over here to Mebourne when he finds a job.. so out of the goodness of your hearts (and my amusement) you must play the game “Help Edo find a job!” … the rules are simple. stop whatever you are doing (except reading this ofcourse) and go to here and search for hours until you have found him a job. if not i will have this guy unleash his wrath on your bottom. Hooray for team work!

good day to you all.

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