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All proposals must be submitted by November 28th

Tomorrow I’m going to the beach! And I’m going to stay in a five star hotel (something I haven’t even imagined on my poor, exchange student budjet) and we’re going to dance la salsa all night long.

Today my head hurts like never before. I spent the morning trying to help my host mum as she is completly stressed out preparing her little catholic class for their primera comunion so i made the rice which I managed to burn, I broke a plate, I forgot to bring in the matress from outside when it started to pour and now my host parents won’t have anywhere to sleep tonight and I failed my little brother. Yes, I was supposed to make him study for his exams and lord did I try but as I am sure many have said before me, you can’t force someone to learn. I think he might have Attention Deficit Disorder but that’s not something I could ever suggest to my mum… she’d probably kick me out even if I only do have one month left. So anyway, I tried to get him to learn about asexual worms and migrating penguins (I got told a nifty fact yesterday that when the mummy penguins lay eggs, they cover them up and get their man to look after them while they make their way over to the caribbean for a little while and then they come back just in time for the eggs to hatch so that the little babies think they’ve been there for the whole time. The little creatures know what they’re doing!) but after three hours, absolutly nothing had gone in and he got a good smack on the bottom. And he probably won’t pass grade 4…

I gotta go, I’m going to miss my bus… will update on the adventures of my weekend.
Adios xx

Note:  This blog was written by Erin Wallis

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