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The joys of self promotion

Sometimes simply sitting at home wrapped up all nice in warm in your favorite jumper, with a cup of tea listening to chill tunes all day isnt such a bad thing. i mean lets be serious, if your gonna be lazy do it properly.

Its been an immensly laid back day in spy-mag’s melbourne base, this may of course be due to the fact that last night we all got seriously hammered and all wokeup this morning feeling like it would take a forklift to get us outta bed… eventually what worked was the promise of food and aspirin.

We went to see “thirteen” yesterday… i personally really enjoyed it. it was a well done film, despite the overused story. although i must admit something about it hit way too close to home and thus i had to stepback and remind myself that it was only a movie… so i guess that was one of the aims for the movie.

As Mike stated in the comment box the saltmonkeys have released a sneak single off their long-awaited new album, and it is downloadable on the main page or by clicking here. If you’ve downloaded it we’d like to hear your feedback on it so feel free to post up your thoughts… mind you if you critisize i’ll hand you down an ol’ fashioned asswhooping.

Saltmonkey for life!


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