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New girlfriend Cindy has a great body

The last week was pretty average for work and drinking sessions, did end up going to the oldest pub in England for a solid pint of bitter stout beer. I have come to conclusion that England has the best beer in the world. So much choice and soooo good, you know when you just want a pint after work or something and dont want to get absolutely battered, the beer here is made for that.

I decided to leave England a month earler than planned for many reasons being that i dont need to stay til July to get my degree, rent here is double what is in canada, canadian summers rock, and i would be sick of the internship by then. Not that anyone really cares, but there you go.

*HAILS* new salt monkey song. *BOWS* to new salt monkeys song.

Anyways, i got me a new german girlfriend. Shes a sweet chick with a great personality and an even better body, is has to be said, so thats been going for a couple weeks now and shes now gone home for a week for easter so that sucks. But looking forward to her coming back. Her name is cindy not a typical german name like gertrude…is that even german anyways.

Havent been travelling much recently. Did go to Oxford last weekend with Cindy and a couple other people from the internship. I got me an Oxford university golf shirt so i can lie to everyone back home about going to Oxford university. Woohoo! What a posh town, didnt get to see where Harry Potter was filmed though, it was closed…damm.

Better go now…2 mins left before i get cut off.


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Patrick lives in South West London with his girlfriend and works in the online marketing industry. He enjoys attending buffets, running half marathons, complaining about Air Canada and watching rugby.


  1. also lol. great find edo.

  2. Cringe-worhty blog looking back!! That was over five years ago now!

  3. I’m sure digging up some of the meltdown blogs over Polly will be equally cringe-worthy.

    Hoping to get around to uploading more archives this weekend.

  4. The headline to this post still cracks me up.

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