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Pints of guiness make you strong? I’ll stay weak, thanks.

Well St. Patrick’s Day 2004 has come and gone, but i still didnt manage to get my hands on a cool green hat which everyone in melbourne seems to have… i think they were giving them out free at certian pubs, just not the ones i went to. ass.

There is one think i can say about St. Paddy’s day… i think it is an excellent idea to have a day when you are expected to go out and drink excessivly on a weekday with no consequence of what you are doing the day after, i mean afterall we are simply celebrating good ol’ Pat in the only way that we seem to think fit… consuming beer and then having undeciferable conversation with others. it is for this reason we must thank our irish brethren. Although i must admit… i have not a damn clue what Pat is the saint of.

In the midst of drunken rambling I came to a conclusion that i really like this city. There is lots of randomly fun shit to do and no matter what it always seems to be sunny and full of life… i think i can say that right now i’m in a pretty happy place.

The latest cycle of reality TV shows are all coming to an end, unfortunatly it will not be long until more and worse shows appear to cram up the set until every person in the world is unwillingly stuck to their couch and forced to watch other people live… so is life. The saving grace of these shows was usually the moral that the contestants and the viewers learn… well now they’ve decided to take that away too. I stumbled into watching a show called ‘Joe Average’, it was about a real hot chick having to choose between 16 less than glamourous guys. she eventually narrowed it down to 3 and then the “shocking twist!” was that 3 male models with chiseled features joined the show… as it got down to the wire she had one model guy left and one of the average joes left… the average guy had a lot going for him: rich, tall, real nice and all that jazz. but the model guy was good looking! so as you can imagine she ended up choosing the model… Of course i cant quite see the whole point of having all the average joes if in the end she doesnt even choose one! AH! so what was the message? No matter what you’ve got going for you, if your not goodlooking you will fail. everyone loves a happy ending.

I will leave you with a joke that i heard the other day:

What is the difference between a Scotsman and an Irishman?
a scot walks up to you and says: (scottish accent) Hello nice to meet you.
an irishman walks up and says: (leprechaun voice) diddlelydee potatoes.

heh heh… gets me everytime.


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