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Take lots with alcohol

things are weird at the moment.

My cousin who I normally live with is away on holiday, and I would just stay at his house, but I cant catch the bus from his house to work, so I am crashing at a friend’s house where I can catch the bus from.
The thing abouut staying at someone elses house for any period of time is as soon as you have arrived you have forgotten shitloads of things that you want.

Work was fucking boring yesterday. You may ask “how can picking up a cam shaft, inspecting it for any damage and putting it in a box be interesting at all?”. Just know that somedays are better than others and yesterday was not a good day. I was stuck next to a Indian dude called Joy. If I was to say his knoledge of the English language was limited I would be being genourous. I think he knows about 6 words I could understand. but he loves to sing, the joy to be had when he does is unmeasureable. :(

If I was Matt, and hence supported a stinky international team like Italy, I would hate things more relevant like how shit my coach was, how useless ouur goalkeeper was, or perhaps South Korea? hehehe.
At least England went out to the world champions. Italy can go home knowing they went out a team full of Sukmykok’s and Sumtingwong’s.
This amuses me no end….

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Sam currently lives in St. Thomas in the Caribbean where he drinks too much rum and is conveniently ignoring becoming an adult.

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