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You Look Like A Kangaroo

What a brillient weekend!!

Dont you love it when you;ve had a weekend that was so dam fun that you couldnt wait to go home and post about it? … i blame labuan’s ability to create brillientness no matter who you go with. i’ll start from the top and fill you in with some details.

The labuan Weekend. version:25

The original idea was first suggested by my ever-reliable side-kick Becky. i believe it went something like:

Becky: What you think about labuan this weekend?
Matt: …well your gonna have to convince me.
Becky: ….
Matt: Labuan it is then!! WOOO!

you must admit, i drive a hard bargin.

So i’ll spare you the minute-by-minute commentry (mainly cause its kinda blurry), and i’ll just stick to summing it all up.

1st night: while luke and chris were distracted by playing Lord of the Rings on the Xbox, me and becky managed to knockback around 13-16 shots of “cowboy cocksuckers” (Baileys and Butterscotch)… my god is that stuck THE best ev-er. Feeling pretty funky at this point out a blatent stupidity George managed to convince me that i should join him and luke in a “quick game” of Centurions… for those not familiar with it… the rules are dead simple. You have to drink a shot of beer every minute… for 100 minutes!! Ri-dic-u-lus. At midnight (by this time well and truly redifining the phrase “off our faces”) we headed on out to the clubs. A mighty night it was… although to be perfectly honest i’m not too certian on the details but i’m pretty positive that much fun was experianced by all. Just when you think that we couldnt get more stupid, as we arrived back (sometime around 5) me and george decieded that we needed to cap the night off with another round of everyones favorite game… Centurions. (powerextreme baby!). we hit around 25 then passed out along with everyone else outside on the balcony… Although this night was FAR from over in terms of incidents. When i woke up the next morning the first thing was to have 3 people running in to my room and tell me that george had woken up a few hours earlier and proceeded to take off his clothes and pee all over the balcony! … he later denyed the whole incident and blamed it on a date-rape drug that he claims someone in the club slipped into his drink.

2nd night: Started off at a bar (full of australians) sitting down to watch the first semi-final of the rugby… After 8 beers, Elton “feet of flames” Flatley kicking the mighty All Blacks out of the tournament and many many renditions of “swing-low sweet chariot” by me and george (much to the displeasure of those around us) we got the idea it was time to leave… More drinking games commenced back at the appartment and once again we set off on the journey to the clubs at around midnight… we actually managed to close the club that night… being asked to stop dancing leave as the staff were tired and wanted to go home (!) ass.

And so ends the story telling of the weekend… dam lots of fun. Plus i skipped work today because i was still recovering. beautiful slackness.

i’ve just finished listening to an interview with Micheal Moore on BBC Radio 5, and he addressed the question of whether his interview with Charlton Heston in his award winning documentary “Bowling for Columbine” was shot out of context and thus manufactured to . (i remember discussing this in the forum a while back).. he also discusses other critisims that the 2002 best-documentary has recieved here. If you havent seen it, you should. I strongly recommend simply reading through his website if you have time asit really has something worthwile to say. As i was once told: “If your not angry, your not listening” .End Rant.

thanks for reading (if you still are that is).


Posted by Matt @ 01:59 PM AST [Link] [4 comments]

Replies: 4 comments

I miss Labuan :-(…

Posted by Pat @ 11/18/2003 11:18 PM AST

I read Memoirs of a Geisha. I thought it was excellent.

Posted by Dee @ 11/18/2003 07:08 PM AST

Centurion…I played that game on my 20th bday. We got to around 75 and I didnt want to pass out around 8:00 that night. But I didnt think shots of beer would have that kind of effect.

BFC…always supported that movie. I saw the new book that he wrote out on paperback…plan to read it after i finish memoirs of a geisha…anyone read that?

Posted by Pat @ 11/17/2003 07:42 PM AST

What a sweet sounding weekend dude~!

Do you and your sidekick wear matching uniforms? Hehe…

Fuck Elton fucking Flatley fucking.

I read the Bowling for Columbine Explained thing on his website a little while back.

As ever, I’m always changing my mind on BFC and its effectiveness as a film and as a documentary. Currently, I’m somewhere along the lines of ‘its more credible than I initially gave it credit for’ but I still think its a moot point because he hasn’t really managed to do anything except preach to the converted. Instead of interviewing old man Heston and nutcases like the brother of the Oklahoma bombing guy, why not interview an articulate pro-gun dude and try and shoot down his points?

Anyone read his next book yet? I don’t really wanna shell out for the hardback version so I’m waiting to borrow it off someone else.

Posted by Edo @ 11/17/2003 02:18 PM AST

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