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A photo taken in 2009 when Jen and I visited Lisa’s family

Lisa Clarke passed away on Thursday September 30th 2010.  She was a loving mother, a caring wife, friend to many and Jen’s older sister.  She was just 40 years old.

I only met Lisa for the first time in Christmas of 2007 but it feels like I’ve known her a lot longer.  We had an instant rapport.  She had such warmth and friendliness.  She was a remarkable sort of person that seemed to get more out of the hours in the day than should be possible.  I’m not sure how else you can describe someone who seemed to balance marriage, motherhood, a successful career, a huge network of friends and travelling with such a cheerful disposition.  I know Jen couldn’t have asked for a better big sister.

I count myself very fortunate to have known Lisa.  I remember when we visited her family last year in February and on our first night, Jen was pretty tired from all the travelling we had done and crashed pretty early on in the evening.  I was suffering from jetlag though so Lisa kept me company and over four bottles of wine, we drank through the night, chatting about all sorts of nonsense and watching the Oscars.  We must have talked about every topic under the sun.  Family, friends, work, politics, holidays, wine, books, restaurants, Best Picture of 2009.  You name it.  It was a great way to really get to know one another.  That night was one of my fondest memories of Lisa.

Lisa had been battling cancer since I had met her.  So in some measure, we were expecting that this day would come.  It still doesn’t make it any easier or any more bearable.  I can, however, take heart in knowing that she lived her life to the fullest.  My thoughts this weekend often turned to Matt and Grace though.  It must be such a tough time for them.  I hope they stay strong.

Personally, I’ve spent this weekend processing the shock of whats happened and reflecting on memories of Lisa.  She was a wonderful person and I’m terribly sad that she’s gone.

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Edo currently lives in Australia where he spends his time playing video games and enjoying his wife's cooking.


  1. Thanks very much for your moving and kind words about Lisa Edo. Me and Laura just read them and felt quite moved and touched. Our thoughts are also with you, Jen, Sarah, Matt and Dom. Take good care and me and Laura both look forward to reminiscing over Lisa’s remarkable life and personality together soon.
    Love, hugs and thanks, Gerald and Laura

  2. Sorry to hear about your loss.

  3. I’m really sad to read this. It was a pleasure meeting Lisa at your wedding last year, she was such a warm and friendly person. Please pass on my condolences to Matt, Gracie and the rest of Jen’s family.

  4. I am gobsmacked to read this. I too felt it was an absolute pleasure to have meet Lisa over the week of your wedding and my deepest and most sincere condolences to both you and Jen, and of course to Matt and Gracie.

    Rest in Peace.

  5. Dear Edo, You’ve captured a lovely picture of Lisa in some very tender words. Thanks for recognizing the special and fun-loving person that she was. We will miss her terribly. We have such great memories of us all being in Scotland together this summer. Next time we get together we’ll toast to Lisa in a way that she would appreciate–but for now we’ll just have a wee greet.

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