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Yellow Lemon Trees

Mmmm… Tea and toast is so good. I think that’s all we really need in life. My great grandma is living proof, that’s all she eats is tea and toast. And she’s 98.

The British show ‘The Office’ is ruining my life. And I haven’t even seen it! Last night I didn’t sleep because people were quoting entire episodes and dancing and generally carrying on in a way that is just not appropriate in the work place. But coming at it from a different angle, more quoting, more laughing…

Anyway, now I have to go to work. Not my normal catering work, I have to go to WOMAD, which is a big music festival they have this weekend, and I’m supposed to be helping my uncle sell emu products. I have to put moisturising lotion on people’s hands and say things like “Emu Oil is one of the most penetrating applications there is, which means it can more efficiently carry essential moisture and nutrients deep into the layers of the skin” and “And, with all our Emu Tracks products, they are extremely economical, as you can see a little goes a terribly long way.” I’ve never really liked sales. In fact, trying to sell things to people that don’t want them is my idea of hell but I get two free tickets and I’m going to see the much raved about ‘Cat Empire’ so it’ll be worth it. Still not sure how I’m getting in though, was supposed to catch a bus but just realised that there are no busses running Sundays.

I haven’t updated since I got my new phone. It’s a crazy phone, it looks like a child’s toy which is bad because it makes it look unbreakable. And it’s probably not. I will post some photos sometime.

Note:  This blog was written by Erin Wallis

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