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If you laugh when you’re in the jungle, you give your position away

So it finally happened… the beard is off, i guess you can say it was by public demand. Although i thought i’d show some gratude to Jassa and keep my goatee so that he can still say: “i like your little beard.”. Now is that friendship or what? … i still cant believe it was voted against 7-2. bah!

Edo has arrived in melbourne and we had a fun filled day catching up and all that jazz… infact me, mike and edo even had the first Salt Monkey’s band practice for 5 years!! how awesome is that?! Salt Monkeys reunion style! man, all the memories.

As you can imagine with edo being round there is no shortage of wrestling talk, and it seems at its most convienent that next weekend is WrestleMania XX… woo! now all we have to do is find a bar that will broadcast it on a big screen TV at 9am and summon up the courage to drink that early… it wont be easy, but for wrestling… we may just pull it off. Speaking of wrestling, there is only one spare bed in Mike’s house… so i suggested to edo that we should wrestle to see who would gain rights to the bed. although beating him AND stealing the bed is a bit cruel… heh heh.

Just for the record i would like to mention that the Italian rugby team beat scotland over the weekend… WOO!

Go to bed… its late.


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