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The more things change, the more Matt stays the same

“It is a very strange period in my life at the moment. it is the time in my life where everything stops and changes… what do i do? where do i go? WHAT THE FUCK AM I GONNA DO WITH MY LIFE!? … so many fucking questions.” – Matt Priest, June 17th 2003.

It is amazing when you sit back and actually realize how long a year seems yet how quickly it disappears. A year ago today i was worrying about how unorganised i was, and how i would never survive planning my gap-year. Now entering the 51st week of it i can safely say that it was one of the best thing that i have ever done. I will be the first to admit that there have been bad times, but they have been amazingly outweighed by the good. There have been times where i have flirted with death, but i am still here. There have been people that i would have never thought about seeing after they left brunei, but i’m glad that i caught up with them. And more importantly, i’ve learnt more about myself and how people work than anyone could ever teach me.

I have arrived back in melbourne after a 5week trek around the East coast of Australia and all of New Zealand. It was simply incomparable. Everything from the times i spent with the normal crowd (Oli, Kam, Luke) to seeing people i havent seen in 5-6yrs (Nick Boyd, Kate!, Becki Armstrong), to meeting a complete randoms at packer hostels or bars. There were just so many different experiances; from sleeping in the airport, to hangliding. From 20hr journeys, to meeting the most amazing girl.

It is so hard to discribe the things i saw, did and felt… so i will not attempt to bore you here.

In a way i am glad to have my feet back on steady floor here in melbourne (although it may only be for 3 weeks)… where i dont have to lug around and live outta my suitcase, and worry about where your traveling to the next. But i would be lying if i said that i didnt miss it and all the people that i met up with and had to leave behind. I think one of Jassa’s lyrics sums it up best:

“..and all the best times followed by the most heart-felt goodbyes..”

So a year onwards i am still living everyday of my life as spontanious as ever, and i still dont have a fucking clue what i am doing with my life. One things for sure though: i’m loving it!!


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