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So here i state my claim… tommorow my hair is going blue. There i’ve said it! so noone on this site can now decided to dye their hair blue! Buhahah!

I have a massive ass Christmas ball thingy tommorow.. it makes it all better that i’m going with someone who is freakishly hot, this on top of the fact that mty girlfriend dumped me earlier this week… alllright! Got my sexual looking tux today, complete with blue accessories, hence the blue hair. In actual fact, the sexual black tux that i was talking of was not my first choice. My first choice was actually planned to be the bright yellow that was worn in ‘THE MASK’… but alas, nothing of the sort could be found where i live.

I was in the paper today! it was so because i was recently in a stage production of ‘Joseph and the amazing technicoloured dreamcoat’… in actual fact, i was the second main character and had to sign a couple of solo’s to over 2000 people. but i guess thats a minor thing. The main point is that I WAS IN THE PAPER!! coolness!

Anyway enough of this gay banter. next time i update i’ll be in brunei… classic!


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