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So its now sunday morning and tomorrow I am having three wisdom teeth taken out. That sucks, i will then have to drink yogurt for every meal. I dont really like the dentist anyways, them ripping out your teeth and freezing your jaw, id hate to be a dentist come to think of it.

Looking at the Fantasy football looks like i have a commanding lead despite the transfers. I realized transfers reduce points for you that is why Sam is at -10. Pat is Cool (my team) is at the top of the league.

I think the premier league this year will be an exciting one with lots of exciting matches and a few surprises i think.

It is now ten days until I move to Holland for school. I work every day apart from two where one i will be out of order with my wisdom teeth recovery. When will i have time to pack, I guess an all-nighter will be needed or something.

Swollen Members concert this Saturday, *tigerpump*.

Time to eat lunch

Posted by Pat @ 02:48 AM AST [Link] [2 comments]

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i’m getting all four wisdoms out in september. we share the pain my friend!

Posted by jassa @ 08/18/2003 10:32 AM AST

Dude…drink yoghurt?

*listens to Fuel Injected again…*

Posted by Edo @ 08/18/2003 08:00 AM AST

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