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I ate a mouldy raspberry last night, probably wasn’t a good thing to do.

Matt is here now. I have decided that he will live with me in Adelaide for the rest of his life. HA HA HA (evil laugh). Reminiscing is so good! The last time we saw each other we watched Moulin Rouge and ate a giant Kit Kats.

So anyway, today we’re going to go and feed Kangaroos and see the wombats, an animal which we have both agreed would make a great footstool. Then tonight we’re going to an 18th but apparently it’s at the worst bar in town so I don’t know how the first impressions of Adelaide nightlife will go. Friday we’re going to the beach!! Yay! But I am very quickly becoming one of those old wrinkly brown ladies who used baby oil to roast their large saggy breasts for many years so I think I will have to buy some special 110+ Sunscreen. And on Sunday there are fireworks!! You couldn’t get better than that could you?

Today I’m happy because I just won my first game of Spider Solitaire. Not normal solitaire, SPIDER solitaire. It’s much trickier. I will beat the system!!!

Oh! My grandpa has just arrived with a trailer of sand! How exciting…

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