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The Adventure of a Monkey Girl

Me and Erin are starting to own this blog.

I’m sat in the library typing away the last of my log book. I have a really runny nose, and no tissue to blow it. So for the past half hour i’ve had to take sneaky wipes with my hand. Oooh, so nice! Also just realised that i’ve been breathing with my mouth open and whenever i see someone walk by, they must think i’m checking them out longingly.

Saw Lost in Translation yesterday. Went to get sushi first, had to call Sha because we were going around in circles looking for Yo Sushi! until it turned out that it was where we originally thought it was anyway. We went to the cinema in covent garden in the end, and we had the whole row to ourselves. And then this little old lady who must have been about 70 comes toddling in and plonks herself right down next to me. Even though there are dozens and dozens of empty seats in the theatre. Go figure. Maybe she was lonely. Maybe she wanted to chaperone us. Maybe she was just a mentalist. Or maybe she was after my bag of MnM’s…

Decided that i like Lost in Translation. It’s very Sofia Coppola. All visuals and stuff. Also really liked the friendship between Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson’s characters.

Tonight, my friend Cheese (actually it’s Louise, but rhyming stuff is fun) is having her birthday celebrations. Even though her birthday was a few days after mine, which was over a month ago. Good stuff. We’re meeting for a few drinks at the bar, and then going off to Cheapskates. Cheapskates is a strip joint except on Wednesday nights where it’s just a normal club. But with poles and podiums and mirrored walls without a stripper in sight.

Last night, after my adventures in town, we went to the bar. Some really old man told me and Alexis that he wanted to touch our knees. And that his son would like to touch our knees too. What can you say to that? So i just grinned and turned around in case he decided to violate my poor knees. When Owen, Mikie and Doran showed up i pointed him out to them and he saw me pointing. I felt so rude. There was also a girl there last night that was the spitting image of Jack Osbourne. Big hair and all. Now that was rude. The guy who keeps calling me Netball Captain was there last night too. I found out his name is Ali. He gave me a huge grin and a wave, nodded his head and went “Alrite Netball?” so i waved back too cuz he actually is a nice guy. Just a mentalist is all. Then he got up and pretended to shoot a ball into a hoop. Pure mental people around last night….

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Angela lives in the UK with her cat Leo. She enjoys reading, gardening and recreationally fighting elderly women.

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