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The Adelaide Update

Wow, where do i begin? there are more things to talk about here than hair on my left knee cap. For those counting thats about 7 or so.

Adelaide is great. I have 2 friends. we laugh. then after that we laugh some more.

I spent the first 4-5days at Erin’s house… it was truly brillient, she’s so great she even makes boring things (like doing puzzels and putting out the washing) SO much fun. It was crazy catching up on everything that we’ve been through in the past 2yrs and reminissing about life in brunei. I havent laughed like that with someone for a long time… we laughed for 3 days straight!! thats like 24hrs X 3… crazy stuff!

A couple days after arriving was one of Jassa’s infamous camping trips… fantastic! i havent been that lazy for many a year… i think we sat around and played guitar/sang songs about people we knew in brunei (and there families!) for around 8hrs or so… the consequences of this trip was that Jassa, Erin and I now all talk in inside-jokes and no one else can understand… if you try we will cover you in beans.

As Erin previously mentioned, she took me to some-kinda outback petting zoo. serious fun! After being rejected by the Kangaroos over and over again we were nearly caught on the wrong end of the “over-friendly” kangaroos. we fled.

At the moment i’m staying at Jassa’s house and trying to recover from our camping/weekend. Sometime this week i’m off to the wine-making region of South Australia. maybe a liver clensing diet doesnt sound so far outta the question anymore.

Thats all for now… keep happy my friends.


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Haha! Matt why is your tongue so skinny!!

Posted by Oli @ 02/02/2004 06:48 PM AST

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