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Basically: More Adelaide, More Updates, More Fun.

haha, inside jokey goodness.

Its my last full day in Adelaide today, which is a sad thing because i’ve had a really good time and i dont wanna leave: but all that is well must end well. Things looking up when i go back to Melbourne though (despite the 10hr journey), Ben gets back, i’ll call up Ado and Edo arrives at the end of febuary… FACT.

Yesterday was a great day. Jassa, his mum and I decided that we should head off to the famous South Australian vineyards for free (read: costs nothing WOOO!) wine-tasting…. what a novel idea! So after starting at 11am and finishing at 4pm we headed on home quite the merrier after sampling around 30 bottles. It did not stop there… a nice (well seleceted) bottle for dinner and then over came Erin and other friends for games of drinking snakes and ladders. Everyone left at around mid-night and suddenly Jassa found the inspiration to drink EVEN MORE, so after a quick pop down to the gas station, for drinks and meat pies, we were back on course. wrote MORE songs, watched MORE office. Basically, more fun.

Although i must admit this week i’ve nearly died twice… which is never a good thing, as we worked out that i think i’ve used up 7 of my 9 lives and i’m only 18. ass. We were nearly in a 6 car pileup cause some guy fell asleep at the wheel of his 18wheeler and didnt stop at a traffic light… scary shit.

So take care of yourselves for me now.


Posted by Matt @ 10:34 AM AST [Link] [7 comments]

Replies: 7 comments

sweet sweets sexualness!!

Posted by Matt @ 02/05/2004 08:22 AM AST

Dude the Office Christmas episodes rule. I’m not gonna tell what happens but Brent is the man at the end. He does good!

Posted by Tom @ 02/05/2004 02:33 AM AST

I leave in July…hopefully it will work out.

Caught up with Angie last night over drinks…good stuff

Posted by Pat @ 02/02/2004 05:34 PM AST

Pat: i’m back in the UK in july/august onwards… you still be there? we should catchup on many beers

Posted by Matt @ 02/02/2004 06:32 AM AST

no luck on the xmas episodes of the office… sadly. Jassa tells me apparently David Brent still hangs around the office even though he doesnt work there anymore. FACT.

Posted by Matt @ 02/02/2004 06:31 AM AST

7 of 9 lives eh…hang in there. Was hoping to see you again sometime…Jealous of you being in Australia…plenty of aussies here though.

Posted by Pat @ 02/01/2004 10:49 PM AST

Thats pretty scary about the near-accident. Glad you’re all okay.

Adelaide sounds like a gay old time.

Anyone else found the Christmas episodes of The Office on the net yet?

Posted by Edo @ 01/31/2004 11:41 AM AST

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