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Basically: More Adelaide, More Updates, More Fun.

haha, inside jokey goodness. Its my last full day in Adelaide today, which is a sad thing because i’ve had a really good time and i dont wanna leave: but all that is well must end well. Things looking up when i go back to Melbourne though (despite the 10hr journey), Ben gets back, i’ll call up Ado and Edo ...

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The Adelaide Update

Wow, where do i begin? there are more things to talk about here than hair on my left knee cap. For those counting thats about 7 or so. Adelaide is great. I have 2 friends. we laugh. then after that we laugh some more. I spent the first 4-5days at Erin’s house… it was truly brillient, she’s so great she ...

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I ate a mouldy raspberry last night, probably wasn’t a good thing to do. Matt is here now. I have decided that he will live with me in Adelaide for the rest of his life. HA HA HA (evil laugh). Reminiscing is so good! The last time we saw each other we watched Moulin Rouge and ate a giant Kit ...

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