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My Revenge

Man, so did none of us have anything better to do than update today?

Expect the big X-men2 review tomorrow. I wanna dress up for the premiere. I wish I’d thought of it. I’d go as Mystique. Naked and painted completely blue. Of course, Mystique is a chick so I’d have to tuck in my balls and walk around with my knees together like a goddam girly girl.

I just got the Jackass DVD so I’m feeling creative and destructive. I have nothing to do this week. Maybe I’ll poo on a newspaper and fling it at someones house. (*thinks of people he’s pissed off with recently…*)

And I finally got my revenge.

Today, all my assignments were due in. And all those fuckers who bailed on me for various group assignments finally got their come uppance. I DOBBED THEM ALL IN! AHAHAHA!!! This one guy Hans just didn’t show up to shit and now it looks like I can replace him and he might get his ass kicked out of the course (I’m not sorry at all). The other guy Marcus, I exposed all his brilliant mistakes he made during the month I’ve worked with him. He is SPECTACULARLY dumb. Here is the legend of Marcus Woods:

– couldn’t find the zoom function on a camera. He’s a 2nd year film student and he can’t zoom.
– forgot to plug in the boom during an interview. so he was standing around holding a microphone on a stick that isn’t plugged in to anything. Even better, he had headphones on as well and DIDN’T NOTICE ANYTHING WRONG.
– thought the ‘C:\’ on a computer was an external hard disk
– ditto for ‘E:\’ which has a big CD icon on it
– complained he couldn’t edit using the software in the downstairs editing booth. said he could only edit in the upstairs editing booth which uses the exact same software.

He is now exposed. I feel much better. And I got good grades in all the shit I did. Woo!!

Rock on.

Posted by Edo @ 10:37 PM AST [Link] [2 comments]

Replies: 2 comments

no! that wasn’t me. however i did notice it. infact i went to some posts and tried to reverse the effect by increasing the karma. looks like someone has a personal vendetta against the bloggers!

Posted by mike @ 04/29/2003 10:51 PM AST

what the hell? Mike, did you go individually through each of my posts and give me bad karma?

Posted by Edo @ 04/29/2003 10:41 PM AST

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