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The Truffle Shuffle

4am, I can’t sleep. Its not fair, its one of my last remaining pleasures in life.

Off on Monday. Back to being Netball Captain again.

Called Luan seeing as lyin in bed and NOT falling asleep seemed a stupid idea, but this turned out crap cuz everyone is in the shittiest of moods ever. And I’m last one back once again, despite thinking i was being clever coming back ‘early’ on the 13th. Eejit me.

My dreams are getting funner. Last night i had a crazy dream i lead a rebellion against the Nazi’s at ISB, leaping over the green front gate, leading my fellow rebels into the ocean and shooting bad guys with weird guns, all while swimming in the sea hiding behind ships. Someone please tell me what this dream means, and why i’m suddenly dreaming about being in battle heaps. I should probably switch diss ideas, work has never gotten to my head before.

I tried watching Indiana Jones earlier. I want his hat. Even though i managed half the movie before my attention span (which is the same as a two year old’s now) drifted, all i can comment on his damn hat. I want it. My dad made some crazy statement that yeaers ago we somehow got hold of the box props from an Indian Jones movie. I dont know how this could have been done, but there you go. Dad’s word. Coming from the man who admitted to taking LSD in the sixties.

I also found out today that my mum is not fully Malay, but part Thai. Her and my dad did some research on her family tree. Its kind of messed with my head, seeing as my whole life i thought i was half malay. Apparently not so anymore. Man…that must have messed with my mum’s head even more.

Still not tired. I’m going to feed the dog some biscuits.
I’m so sad. I want an adventure with the Goonies. I want to be a Goonie. Another aspiration.

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Angela lives in the UK with her cat Leo. She enjoys reading, gardening and recreationally fighting elderly women.

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