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Me again

I’m chatting to my wonderful Finnish friend so I thought I might as well add an entry even if I don’t have much news. Oh, except that I’m getting a car! It’s not the cool, 1969 Holden Gemini that I would have liked but I think it’s a bit more reliable and economical. And it will give me my FREEDOM!! Although it’s kind of ironic really, in giving me my immediate freedom, I will be abandoning my travel planes for mid 2005 for weekly car repayments. I’m not sure how happy I am about this but it does sound like the smart thing to do and at least if I have to hang around and go to uni, I won’t finish at the ripe old age of 35 like I’m sure I would if I took off for Europe… Oh, haven’t I just become the most exceptionally fluid, succinct writer I’ve become over the last comple of years….!?
I am still looking for a job. I went around to about 20 little shops in my area and NOBODY has called me back. Perhaps I’m presenting myself wrongly. More irony (this is turning out to be a very ironic post) I have been offered my job back at the Deli where I used to work but quit because I couldn’t stand my boss and probably have enough to sue him for sexual harassment. And very, very sadly, I am actually considering taking it. I’ll give it a bit longer though I think.
Anyway, had better be off. Gee these Finnish girls are fast, she’s only been back a week and she’s already got a guy in love with her! I’m so gald I don’t have those problems….

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Hey erin thank for your email. i’ll call you when i get to melbourne. woo!!


Posted by Matt @ 01/09/2004 10:24 AM AST

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