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Feeling A Little Crusty

I used to be a lot more frequent at this blogging business but truth be told I don’t have many stories to tell at the moment. I just sit in front of my computer and do assignments. It’ll be this way for a couple of weeks yet.

I went and saw The White Stripes last night. The recap of the show can be found here.

Some site news:

– Looks like Greymatter is starting to chug under the weight of 500 archived posts so we might be moving on to something else in the holidays.

– Speaking of archived posts, we got an email from some dude representing Nutrapro, the weight gain product I officially don’t endorse (4 weeks of the stuff made me put on a whopping 1/2kg). He was some French-Canadian lawyer guy and he wanted to have us ARRESTED for defamation of his product. It turns out that in one of my old ‘EdoHulk’ posts, some guy flooded the page with comments saying how Nutrapro was a bogus product and stuff. All in French no less. Anyways, the Nutrapro suits tried to hold US responsible for it. Fuck that. I’d love to show you what this irrate French guy wrote (its pretty funny) but I think I may have to get some sort of legal clearance and stuff first. I’ll run it by Jimmy.

– May I reiterate that Nutrapro didn’t do shit for me.

– Don’t think I don’t see you lurking in our forum there Justin. Post something next time you anti-social bastard.

Okay, enough about the site.

At The White Stripes show, this girl Min told me Jello Biafra would be in town for a spoken word show in November. Anyone been to one of these before? Are they any good? I can’t really take Min as a good frame of reference. She likes Mr T Experience but she also likes New Found Glory (!).

I recommend you all go out and watch Kill Bill as soon as you can. I can’t really guarentee you’ll like it but I think it’ll definitely be a film people will talk about and reference over the next few months. It’ll be interesting if it gets any sort of recognition at awards shows and stuff. Plus, mindblowing amounts of gore = fun. And Uma Therman is hot.

England – South Africa in the rugby this weekend. The game is being played right here in Perth. I actually saw the South African side training on Tuesday. I went to Melissa’s house for dinner but she gave me the wrong directions so I ended up at a rugby training field.

Got a sore throat. I hate it. Being sick sucks. Being sick when you have loads of work to do is a slap in the face.

That’s about all I got to say for now.

Posted by Edo @ 10:08 AM AST [Link] [2 comments]

Replies: 2 comments

dude. that nutrapro thing is hilarious. they want to blame you for the faults of the french. hahaha

Posted by mike @ 10/18/2003 01:55 PM AST

That was one of the best posts for a while…good stuff…fuck Nutrapro and antisocial justin

Posted by Pat @ 10/17/2003 10:08 PM AST

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