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Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself

Thought i’d try blogging BEFORE the weekend for a change.

Today, i got woken up by some crazy painter guy trying to open my windows from the outside. I nearly freaked out but then i just ccoughed really loudly and put my radio on. Maybe he was trying to break in, but i doubt it. It was in the middle of the day. But then again i do live in a questionable area, so who knows? Last night, i got dragged out to the 80’s nite that the fashion students were holding. If i had been inthe mood to go out, i’d say it was pretty good. But i wasn’t. Everyone was sporting the 80’s look (who isnt tho right now anyway?) even i was. I had my oversize t shirt hanging off my shoulder and yellow legwarmers. Tasty. I left early and crashed out as soon as i got home. I reckon last week’s antics have worn me out good and proper. I’m just so tired! Tonight, there are loads of house parties going on. Including Rob’s house. But i’m pretty shaky as to wether or not to go since a) barely talked to him all week and b) my lot have already planned to go to someone else’s party. So who knows. i predict that i’ll go out, and wherever i end up, i’ll just end up leaving early anyway.

Today, i’ve been sawing and hammering wood all afternoon. Its a good way to deal with tension. And i like the set design warehouse. Its big and smells like saw dust. And for once, you get to be creative with your hands rather than behind a camera. Plus i like sporting the “i’m covered in paint and wood shavings, so i must be busy and creative” look. Old jeans and an old t shirt. Just the way i like it.

Looking forward to our road trip. We’re gone on the 31st. Excellent.

Posted by Angela @ 11:12 PM AST [Link] [2 comments]

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as my magic 8 ball said, Outlook not so good.

I’ll try anyway!

Posted by angela @ 10/19/2003 11:57 PM AST

You’ll still send updates while on the road trip, right? I demand satisfaction.

Posted by Edo @ 10/18/2003 06:33 AM AST

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