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Aberdeen…there’s snow on the ground

Been in Aberdeen now for a couple days and theres now snow on the ground giving me a nice reminder of Canada. I guess if i am not at home, this place is the next best for xmas time.

On friday night, my grandparents know a bunch of 21 year old student nurses. So one came over and picked me up in a mini-cooper. Can’t complain. So we go to this apartment owned by this girl named Alli. It turns out Alli had been to Vernon last year, where i lived. She went to the same pub that we always go to every thursday night, small world eh. She was showing me photos and it was good to see pics of home.

Then a bunch of guys showed up as it was me and five girls i didnt really know. So it was even numbers, mainly a student crowd. I bought a 6 pack of carling and was also drinking some wine. We played a drinking game where someone picks a word for you and everyone asks you questions and you have to answer with that word without laughing. Words such as pink bits, cliterous, fiver, all came up making it a good laugh.

Some guy that was there said that he had known me for four hours but knows that one day i am going to write a book about something. Pretty interesting comment that you dont hear everyday.

We all then headed out to this club Espionage in Aberdeen, maybe Jimmy T has heard of it. Probably spelt wrong. Played some classic music and there were shots everywhere making it quite the party. Got home after 4am to my grandparents disapproval.

Next night was spent at my cousins who has a 4 year old baby and she is the same age as me. Interesting spending time with them as all they do is smoke joints and watch movies, bloody hell! What a life.

Next night, being last night. Went to some xmas party with my grandparents. Had a few beers, chit chat, and a good meal. Typical family time.

I better be doing some assignments and studying for school seeing as i have exams coming up just after the new year…bollocks.

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Nearly £5 for a freakin’ vodka drink?! Good lord.

Posted by Edo @ 12/24/2003 09:40 AM AST

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