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You are stupidhead

My eyes are puffy. Spending most of the day in bed, in the dark, watching the telly through one eye must be do that to you. I think i’m allergic to hash cakes. On Tuesday, after we decided to stop being boring third years who are too tired to party or cant party because of “too much work to do” we went home and baked a batch of Bob the Builder chocolate mini muffins. Special mini muffins. We made beautiful Christmas cards with leftover printer paper and felt tip pens too. And sausages…i know we made sausages at one point. The next day i couldn’t move, i felt like the entire world had sat on my head, and the only cure was to stay in bed. But i got up eventually and dragged myself to the library to work…*stupid boring third year dork…*

Anyway, this morning i couldn’t get up again, feeling like once again the world or a really big fat person had sat my head once more just for fun. We got a new sofa today. Its big and blue and quite puffy looking. My flatmate James went out and bought a real Christmas tree, so we spent the evening together decorating the tree, listening to the Christmas song The Darkness have released (called Christmas Time funnily enough) while i drank the rest of my Milo stash, fag in hand. So much for the quitting phase i went through…what was that about?!

I’ve left the flat because the boys are watching football again. Once the football is on, you’ll never see the telly again til tomorow. So i’m pretty bored. I can’t go to the bar because the damn football is on there as well. Stupid football.

I printed off my work earlier, and some guy began tapping at the window pointing at me, making weird gestures. I think he tried to yerps me. I looked at him weird and turned my back on him. I wish i had a loser stamp. Tomorow night, is the Christmas party/end of term party at Area. It will be the last time till next year that i get to see most people. How sad…and odd. Cuzs basically next term is the last term for us “EV-ER”

scared. Best brain idea i’ve come up with today, GET TAKEAWAY FROM JADE GARDEN! sounds like an effing good plan.

The longer i am here at uni, the more illiterate i realise i become. Does that make sense?

Posted by Angela @ 05:20 AM AST [Link] [2 comments]

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Mr Khan: “does it make sense?”


Juventus 7 Olympiakos 0
Norwich 4 Cardiff 1


Posted by Matt @ 12/14/2003 01:17 PM AST

Dammit I slept in and missed the football.

Lyon 3 Celtic 2 🙁

Posted by Edo @ 12/11/2003 10:48 AM AST

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