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It’s nice to be home.

I got back to Brunei on a Tuesday night. For a five hour flight I was pretty restless. Might’ve been something to do with the inflight movie, Hollywood Homicide, which was one of the poorest films I’ve seen in quite some time. It’s right up there with Jungle Book II for worst film I’ve seen this year.

Saw Marlow at the airport. He was about ten people behind me in the immigration queue. I waved and he came up to me to give me a handshake and a hug. It was pretty funny seeing the faces of the people in the queue who thought he was cutting in.

I went over to the Halligans’ that night for drinks and to catch up with the rest of Simpang 800. So after a hundred emails,msn conversations and about 100 dollars worth of phone credit, I finally got to see Jen again. It was so nice. Big *hug*. She said she would’ve come over to my house earlier but was advised against it because I might be ‘bonding’ with my dad.

We sat around drinking all the Halligans beer and talked about plans we had for holiday. Later we called Matt and it felt pretty damned good to hear his voice again. He said he would’ve called me earlier but decided against it because he thought I might be bonding with my dad or something.

Might I point out that my dad and I almost never do any father-son thing. And there hasn’t really been anything different this time around. He leaves the house every morning pretty early and spends most of the day doing his stuff (yacht club meetings, the hash etc). I think the most time we’ve spent doing anything together since I’ve been back was when he screamed at me when I came home from Jen’s at 6 in the morning.

I went to the border with Matt, Marlow, Ben (Tsang…as in, past tense) and Jen on Thursday. It was terrific. They even sell merchandise now. I think we’re all keen to get one (except for Jen who thought they looked a bit Hash-erific). When we get them we can sit around in identical tops and look like BROTHERS.

I think I ate about 10 pieces of chicken at the border. That’s waaay too much. I have no self control. Mind you every one else had a lot too. I’d just like to point out that the next day Jen ordered chicken for lunch and then for dinner she had some chicken. I think if they ever liquified chicken, she’d be drinking chicken colas during the day and chicken daqiris at night.

We went back to Matt’s at night. His parents made us all pasta~! I’m beginning to wonder why we didn’t hang out at Matt’s more often. I mean they have a sweet pool and deck area to sit back and relax in. And they’ve had it for years.

Watched half of Scary Movie 3. Man, there are some huge titties in that film. The gags were a bit hit and miss.

Went back to Jen’s that night and we watched Evening With Kevin Smith and Priscilla Queen of the Desert. And we did the obligatory stalling and spending an hour trying to decide what to watch too.

Yesterday I had to keep a low profile because of my dad’s furious unrelenting psychopathic rage. So I couldn’t go to the beach with Matt and Marlow in the morning and instead I STUDIED. By noon I actually ended up doing a shitload of work so I decided to go out for lunch with Jen and risk incurring my father’s wrath. Also did a bit of birthday shopping for Jen’s brother while we were out (productive).

I picked up a copy of the new Strokes CD in town too. Faten: It’s in a little CD store in the building with the KFC that sits between the Bus Terminal and the Standard Chartered bank building. I don’t know the name of the store but I think its the only music CD store there.

Also picked up Gregory Horror Show for Playstation2. Is anyone else playing this game? It’s pretty fun.

That afternoon, I finally talked (though briefly) to Zara on the phone. And with luck, I’ll get to see her today.

Had Yachtclub food for dinner again. I think I’ve eaten about 70 dollars worth of food there in two visits. I’ve had steak with black pepper sauce, garlic prawns, oysters, steak stuffed with oyster and wrapped in bacon, chips, jacket potatoes and a side order of vege. Mmmmmm…..

Mike gets back soon. Yey!

Sometime next week hopefully we’ll get that trip to Labuan or to Kuruman happening.

Before I sign off, I gotta do a short rant about something I picked up in Brunei. What the hell is up with the number of guys who date 13 year old girls. Its fucking gross and there seems to be a hell of a lot of dudes in their late teens and even in their twenties who really should know better that are doing it. If you know of any such person, be sure to send them a ‘I LOVE TRAINING BRAS’ shirt for Christmas. Or give ’em a kick in the balls for being so hungus. Either way you get the desired effect. [/rant]

Posted by Edo @ 11:43 AM AST [Link] [4 comments]

Replies: 4 comments

Yeah, what is with the creepy Bruneian guys dating young girls…

I mean, I will freely admit I have done my fair share of cradle robbing the in the past…, but once you hit 20…they HAVE to be at least 18 or its just wrong.

Posted by SAM @ 12/14/2003 02:15 PM AST

You missed a mean curry dude. Beef vindaloo baby.

Zara: So nice catching up with you~!

Faten: Hopefully I’ll meet you while I’m here. Maybe at the New Years Empire thing.

Posted by Edo @ 12/13/2003 10:31 PM AST

edo: it dont look like i can make it for indian food tonite (saturday)… I’m violently hungover and my bodily fluids need no help resembeling indian food~!

Posted by Matt @ 12/13/2003 06:11 PM AST

haha Thanks for the tip! Now I have to somehow find someone to bring me over to town to go get it 😛 WELCOME BACK TO BRUNEI!!!

Posted by Faten @ 12/13/2003 01:40 PM AST

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