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Stupid Christmas Pop Songs

Is it wrong when you feel more pressure to plan a birthday, than say something really important like a dissertation that your entire degree you’ve spent three years doing depends on? I feel really…scroogish (if thats a word) about it. Last night, after going Christmas shopping all day, and not buying anything for anybody, but two new tops and a skirt for myself, I half expected the ghost of the christmas past or something to come floating into my room as I lay in bed. The kind of ghosts that appears in Muppet movies that is. Not the scary ugly kind.

As for the birthday thing. I dont know where to go. London is so big, there are too many choices, and I dont want to end up somewhere overly trendy and painfully expensive. Sod it all to hell!

I’ve spent most of the weekend in bed. It’s sad, but it was kind of stupidly fun just sitting there in a big big bed, surrounded by masses of sheets. The day it got delivered me and Rob spent about 4 hours trying to put it together. Well…when i say we i mean him. My job was to get in the way and move pieces of wood around. Since then, it’s been a bonding experience. Me…chocolate raisins…television and silly books with titles like Another Woman’s Shoes…and the new bed. It’s almost like a new addition to the flat. Our new flatmate, The Bed. Anna came bursting into my room the other night at 6am, crawled under the duvet, rambled about something for ten minutes and fell asleep. I bet it was just an excuse to sleep in total comfort. I’ve even bought more new bedsheets for it, as if it were a newborn baby to spoil and fuss over.

My friend Damage (nickname, not real) got sent to hospital on Friday. Him and the boys went out and got razzled. They were waiting for a bus home when he fell off one of the lion statues in Trafalgar Square head first, and knocked himself out. Its kind of funny when you think about it, but then it’s not cuz he could have been really hurt. He’s a bit bruised and cut up but i guess it goes to show….drunken antics in trafalgar square never go right. About this time last year, my friends thought it would be great fun to swim in the fountains there, clothes and all. Waiting for the bus after that was pure entertainment. You could almost see the icicles forming off their noses. Heehee…

Tonight, the netball team are launching their new calender to raise money for themselves. Its just a bunch of black and white photos with them looking naughty. We’re supposed to go to the bar in an hour to check it out. Hopefully, the boys who holler netball captain at me will realise that i’m not on the team whatsoever. I hate netball. It’s such a girly game (despite being a girl myself) and the fact that telling a basketball fan that they’re supposedly on a netball team, is like telling the Scottish that they’re basically English seeing as it’s on the same piece of land.


My Christmas buying list is getting bigger and bigger. Where did all these people pop up from? Today i bought a Christmas card for my grandparents. My grandmother doesn’t even like me, so i dont know why I did this Christmassy thing. Must be the something in the atmosphere. Rob claimed he made a present out of plasticine for me. Now i’m uncertain as to wether or not to get him something too. And wow that guy over there is reaaaaally ginger. Anyway, i have log books to write.

I only like winter this time of year.

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Happy angie is back!! WOO!

Posted by Matt @ 12/09/2003 10:42 AM AST

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart…

Posted by Edo @ 12/09/2003 07:13 AM AST

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