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Not a happy chappie

So I was being wooed by a boy the other night and he came out with a fantastic line… “your bum reminds me of a bee” …adios.

There’s something wrong with me. I’m supposed to be enjoying my last few days here and I know it’s normal to be sad to leave people and all the rest but it’s not that. It’s christmas and despite the fact that our house is lit up like Jerudong park in it’s glory days, it doesn’t feel like christmas. I want to be with my mummy going shopping for practical presents for my little brother and for my great grandma who is turning 98 on christmas eve or at least I think she’s turning 98 but no one had mentioned her to me in a long time and I have this awful feeling that something has happened and they’re being nice and waiting till i get home to break the news…

And at the moment all my family here is fighting. My sister has a new boyfriend and is completly obsessive, she sits by the phone and waits for him to call. My mum gets shitty because she’s so obsessive but she’s not gotten obsessive about the obsessiveness and the other night my sister was incredibly sick with a bladder infection so we didn’t turn up at the wedding we had to go to and even after my dad left to take my sister to the hospital, my mum was still insisting “are you sure it was because the boyfriend didn’t call when he was supposed to??”. She was CRYING from pain.

And I’m just about ready to hire a school bully to slap my brother up. Everything that comes out of his mouth is “I want” or “give me”. And they do. Although my parents don’t have enough money to pay the phone bill and the line is probably going to get cut, everytime my brother asks for 100 pesos (which is about 30 australian cents) they give it to him. And I know that that’s not very much but when he asks 10 times a day so that he can buy lollies and coke at the pulparia, it all adds up.

My dad is cool though. When he’s not telling my mum to get in tothe kitchen to make him some eggs. Yesterday he came and gave me a hug and he didn’t give me any advice or anything which was EXCELLENT as everyone here has an opinion on what I should be doing and thinking.

My grandpa will be here in 13 days!
I’m going to Disney Land!

Posted by Erin @ 11:17 PM AST [Link] [2 comments]

Replies: 2 comments

you know it cracks me up everytime you say that your dad tells your mum to make eggs… great stuff!


Posted by Matt @ 12/09/2003 10:38 AM AST

I thought that was a Bruneian thing!

Though I suppose people specifically compare some girls’ asses with Jollybee rather than just a regular bee.

Posted by Edo @ 12/09/2003 12:52 AM AST

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