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I rolled 7 on my 35 sided dice

The other day i walked into my friend’s room and he was designing shit on his computer… but what it was that left a lasting impression was the music he was listening to. The band was called ‘Bling Guardian’, for those of you who know this band you will understand the motivational power that this genre of music possesses. For those of you that are unfamiliar with it, let me label this music as ‘inspiring metal’. It was truly an uplifting experiance. I walked into my friends room in a complete normal state and left feeling as though i could accomplish anything… I was going to write a novel, create world peace, do all my coursework! but when i got back to my room the music was no more… and i was left helpless and alone.

So to cut a long story short, i’ve been hooked on this inspiring music since… the main problem is, that it sounds like theme music for Dungeons and Dragons.

Strength – 8
Skill – 7
Luck – 5


Posted by Matt @ 04:09 PM AST [Link]

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heheh. Bling Guardian. yeeeeeeeeeeahhhh BI-ATCH! Don’t like niggers, the floss too much. Don’t like bentleys, they cost too much…

Im sorry, I just think the bling was funny.

Posted by Sam @ 10/06/2002 07:50 AM AST

It’s Blind Guardian. And there’s no problem with it sounding like theme music for D&D. That’s what separates it from other metal bands in the first place.

But you’re right. They are a cool band.

Posted by Dan @ 10/04/2002 10:32 PM AST

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