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Blue swimmer crab, green apple granita, chive crème fraiche & baby herb

Brent’s Restaurant

I first had someone recommend Brent’s Restaurant to me about four years ago.  I’ve heard about the place on and off since then.  The feedback is always positive but the place is so low key that I only really got around to making reservations for the place a fortnight ago.

In hindsight, I wish I had made that call sooner.  Brent’s was fantastic.  The restaurant is basically a house sitting in the suburbs.  It is really modest and unassuming in presentation and yet the food and service was fantastic, often superior to what you’d get in some of Brisbane’s more high profile city-based restaurants.  The meals were served quickly, used very fresh ingredients and tasted great.  There was a great selection on the menu of Modern Australian cuisine that made it hard to choose each course.

The wild mushroom cappucino was an intriguing idea and I thought it worked a treat.  I don’t know who thought of putting mushroom, truffle oil and prosciutto together in a coffee cup but it works.  The seafood that Jen and I had for our entrees were excellent.  Super fresh, light and very tasty.  I was particularly pleased with my blue swimmer crab.

For the mains, they were cooked to perfection.  Both the pork and beef cheek were melt in your mouth tender.

Jen and I came away very, very impressed.  We’ll definitely go back.

Amuse bouche – candied lemon cream and tomatoes

Wild mushroom cappuccino, truffle oil & prosciutto crumbs

Blue swimmer crab, green apple granita, chive crème fraiche & baby herb

Red claw yabby, citrus cured salmon, cucumber, melon, nasturtium & mandarin jam

Lychee, strawberry & lime sorbet palate cleanser

Slow cooked eye fillet, beef cheek potato, caramelised onion & sauce bordelaise

Pork belly & ballontine, caramelised apple & red grape mustard ice cream, cinnamon jus

Fudge cake, vanilla bean icecream and honeycomb

Vanilla cream cheese, marshmallow, fresh berries & raspberry sorbet

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