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Real Time Chatting


I was online yesterday and ran in to Stewart, my lecturer from videogames101. He asked if he could chat to me for a while to show his son an example of real time chatting. The conversation went something like:

Me: Sure, no problem.
Stu: Cool. So hows things?
Me: Not so good. Failed a unit man.
Stu: Fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Must have been educational for his kid 🙂

Can anyone in Brunei tell me if they have The Strokes new album on bootleg?

I think I’ve found a really nice video camera that I can afford if I eat nothing but indomee for the next week or so. I can do that.

Can you believe its nearly the end of the year already?

Hehe…New Years sure is looking complicated. Originally it was supposed to be about ten of us in Labuan. Now its kinda split in two. Most of the kids are still going to Labuan but myself, Jen and Mike are going to the yachtclub and then to some other undisclosed location (okay, we have no idea what we’re doing) where things will actually be interesting.

*Angela….come baaaack to Brunei*

I went in to town today and picked up a particularly sweet best-selling 3 disc DVD I’ve been waiting a long time for:
THE BEST RIC FLAIR (3 disc set)
Jet flying, limousine riding,
Styling and profiling,
Kissing aaaall the pretty girls…

FIFTEEN HOURS of Ric Flair! I can now die a happy man.

And the thiry bucks I spent on this will set me back a bit more if I want that video camera so that probably puts me down to half a pack of Indo mee a day.

Only 11 more days till I’m back in Brunei!


(apologies if my recent posts seem kinda phoned in. When I get back to Brunei and actually have interesting stories to tell as opposed to stories about queuing at uni admin, the quality of the posts will hopefully pick up a bit)

Posted by Edo @ 02:52 AM AST [Link] [6 comments]

Replies: 6 comments

Haven’t seen that yet either!! Might go out on Wednesday night, exclusively to hunt for good new CDs. Kazaa’s being a pain in the ass.

Posted by Faten @ 12/01/2003 10:58 PM AST

Thanks Faten. How about the new Michael Jackson album?

Posted by Edo @ 11/30/2003 09:22 PM AST

Haven’t found a bootleg copy of The Strokes’ album as yet 🙁 I’ve looked in half the bootleg CD shops in Gadong too.

Posted by Faten @ 11/30/2003 08:27 PM AST


We now have more than a crowd!!

Posted by Jen @ 11/29/2003 10:33 PM AST

Eh? You mean New Years? Jen told me you were still going to Labuan!

Posted by Edo @ 11/29/2003 02:57 PM AST

suuure… lets not include Matt!

i’m hurt like jen was when Erin didnt remember her.

Posted by Matt @ 11/29/2003 11:56 AM AST

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