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We will call this WWE day

Ah, good ol’ Lord of the Rings! i remember counting down the seconds til i saw it with Edo in the legendary Brunei Cinema. Ah the laughter of the anticipation. Speaking of movies, i saw the trailor of ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’ … it looks SO much better than the first one… mind you, it was a better book so it rightfully should be.

You know, as i’m going to labuan tommorow i called up ther people going and asked what time i would have to be there. The answer… 6.30AM!! MY GOD! that means waking at around 5!! What is wrong with people?! I hope they realize that nothing will be open when we arrive. This is truely insane!

Before i go… i’d like to recommend people download the new Jennifer Paige song ‘Stranded’… i know it may sound weird with my whole ‘political punk’ music taste… but this song is so Nice… you just grow to like it… but enough of this gay banter.


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  1. I just re-read this eight years on.

    Seriously? … Jennifer Page? … wow.

  2. “The song is so nice”

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