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Turncoat = criminal with protection of the law

… yea so i’m a sucker of anti-flag. so sue me.

i’m gonna say this in advance… you’ll have to forgive this post, i am immensly hung over and feeling… well you know, shit.

My work place gave me friday off this week… this made me happy! three day weekends can only mean two things… drinking and golf!! … yea thats correct i said golf. The sport is awesome. (yikes! i’ve become lower middle class! ) although i still agree with happy gilmore who said that “golf is a sport for people woth goofy pants and a big ass”, but if thats the case then chalk me down for it… afterall, i’m tiger woods.

Last night was pretty good. i went to a friends house for a bbq and drank way too much… the only problem is: i forgot to eat any food (stoopid trampoline). ass. but either way, lots of fun and women running around in not alot (always a favorite passtime of mine).

I’m interested to know whose gonna be in Brunei for new years? … why? come on people its October! time to organise new years! it should be pretty dam sweet this year if last year was anything to go by. …good times, good times. Oli? your gonna be here right?

So i was looking through the borneo bulletin the other day and came across an article about a new shopping mall in KL… prepare yourselves:

The place is called Berjaya Times Square and it opened in October this year. Quite an exciting project this is …. with the world’s largest shopping mall (over 1,000 shops on 8 floors!!), largest indoor theme park, first 3D cinema, 56-lane bowling alley (Wooo!!), 5 star hotel, service apartments, office blocks etc etc… This is the single most crazyiest thing… EVER!!

So who’s up for going to KL with me?

before i end i’d like to have a massive (i’m talking J-lo ass size) shoutout to Angela… shes going through a bad spot at the moment so everyone give her some love, and read her post below..

and while your in the mood… give the next person you see a hug.


Posted by Matt @ 01:41 PM AST [Link] [6 comments]

Replies: 6 comments

i love matt

Posted by angela @ 10/09/2003 02:23 AM AST

Finally another golfer…fantastic isnt it…the best thing about it you can drink at the same time in the cart.

Posted by Pat @ 10/06/2003 04:00 PM AST

knew i could count on you Oli, you fucking champ!!

Posted by Matt @ 10/05/2003 07:13 PM AST

Yea, I would also be up for going to K.L, fuckin mad

Posted by Oliver @ 10/05/2003 12:04 PM AST

Fuckin A i’m going to be there for New Years…Labby all the way, getting in some time in early December..let you know..

Posted by Oliver @ 10/05/2003 12:01 PM AST

No, I’M Tiger Woods.

Posted by Edo @ 10/04/2003 04:12 PM AST

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