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Cam-Mafia’s Humpgirl of the Week

Hey hey!

I just finished my LAST EVER UNIT so I’m on a bit of a high at the moment. Just went and checked my email and lo, I got something from Faten, my favourite and most critically acclaimed* rockstar.

*’s Hump Girl of the Week!!
Visit Faten at

I do believe that is our first ever fan sign for Spy Magazine. Today is indeed a good day.

Rock n’ roll.

EDIT: Just got an email from my parents saying my mom’s last chemo treatment went well! Today has just been a *sweet* day.

Posted by Edo @ 01:33 PM AST [Link] [5 comments]

Replies: 5 comments

Good to hear about your mother Ed

Posted by David Stafford @ 10/31/2003 04:38 AM AST

*puh* dam those forsaken images! … although i will compromise with the whole “Team blood” sign… (“Matt is cool boots” is SO much better though)


Posted by Matt @ 10/30/2003 05:43 PM AST

Fuck that noise.

“Edo is my favourite SpyMag Blogger” all the way.

Or I would allow for a TEAM BLOOD sign too. Only if it has a picture of you and Mike Wilstenholmsonen rowing together at the bottom.

Posted by Edo @ 10/30/2003 05:23 PM AST

you SEE!! i told you all the faten is ROCKSTAR!! now all we need is “Matt is cool boots” signs! *pumps fist*


Posted by Matt @ 10/30/2003 05:12 PM AST

Heheh…fan signs! It’s about time.

Posted by Dan @ 10/30/2003 04:04 PM AST

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