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so i havent done this in nearly a week so forgive the rustnessness.

I went to my friend Aaron’s party last night… it wasnt amazing, but thats cause i knew less than half the people there, and they were mostly all younger than me anyway. but i guess i needed to get outta the house. (stupid australia beating ireland 17-16). Oh and Chloe if your reading this i think i left my wife/cousin/brother under your trailor…

On friday i went out on my trusted side-kick’s, Becky, boat. it was pretty dam fun. we went to Kuraman. for those not in the know, imagine a stereotypical tropical island with blue water and white beaches… yea, well there. lots of beach volleyball and joyesness.. dam fun. (despite becky breaking the boat on the way back)… by the way: Edo, Mike, Oli we are SO having a party there when you guys get back… dam awesome stuff.

So i was just listening on the radio and i found out random useless facts.. J.K Rowling has made 125million pounds solely for her first 5 Harrp Potter books… SHIT! she’s like the most successful author in the world… ev-er! they also came out with the statistic of her making 388pounds per WORD written in the lastest book “Order of the Pheonix”… CRAZY.

The other day my mum told me that Melissa Underwood is getting married in April… post your thoughts in comments as normal.

PLUG: I’m such a little fanboy of Faten’s site

How much am i digging the new anti-flag album “The Terror State”… my god it makes me shiver with goodness! … ok, i’m not sure if it beats “cotton-eye joe” by the rednex, but its pretty dam close! … Terror State review coming soon…

Til then remember:
One people, One struggle… Stand united, Stand peaceful


Posted by Matt @ 01:06 PM AST [Link] [4 comments]

Replies: 4 comments

Chloe: i check the trailor again.. didnt find nuttin cept some porn, a copy of wrestlemania 2 and a soap-on-a-rope.


Posted by Matt @ 11/02/2003 09:52 PM AST

– subject titles are overrated.

– man, wasnt Mel in your year?

– your jealous that my fansign is better than yours! (edo has none!)

– dam rich author.. i’m expecting the series to be finished when i’m 23. (by then i’ll feel pretty stupid reading harry potter)

– Anti-flag difficult to get on Kazaa… but album is BEYOND amazing!


Posted by Matt @ 11/02/2003 09:50 PM AST

checked the trailer, theres no way anyones under there, i hadda sell the wheels to buy the trashy cap remember?

Posted by chloe @ 11/02/2003 09:41 PM AST

No subject?

And thats pretty cool news about Melissa. Do we get invites?

Your fanboy webcam pics suck.

Having read those facts about Rowling I wouldn’t be surprised if the next Potter book clocks 1000 pages.

Is antiflag easy to get on Kazaa?

Posted by Edo @ 11/02/2003 01:41 PM AST

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