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Rite of Passage

Turned 21 yesterday. My actual party is not until December, but still celebrated it with some style yesterday. I got spontaneously taken out to Fremantle to get drunk in the afternoon, before heading back to enjoy a nice big roast beef dinner with various friends. The rest of the night was spent out at a friend’s farm house in Serpentine before heading back home in the early hours of the morning. This is despite the fact that I had a morning class the day after, which was summarily skipped. Little Creatures Pale Ale rocks. Little Creatures Pale Ale on tap rocks even more.

But yeah. It’s taken a while, but I’m finally 21. If I felt old before, I feel even older now. This is the time in one’s life where one have to carve one’s place in the world. I’m told it goes downhill from here. Is this the case?

Posted by Dan @ 09:37 PM AST [Link] [4 comments]

Replies: 4 comments

chief is wize… *rubs chin*

Posted by Matt @ 10/27/2003 07:58 PM AST

Happy really late birthday? 🙂

Posted by Faten @ 10/25/2003 11:18 PM AST

Sage advice there, Chief.

Posted by Edo @ 10/24/2003 11:54 PM AST

I’m 25 and still figuring things out. But, as Jim Adkins would say, “Even at 25, you gotta start sometime”. I wouldn’t be in a hurry to set a path. Take your time and get the most out of life.

Posted by Chief Barley @ 10/24/2003 10:49 PM AST

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