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Winding Down The Days

Fifty days to go (approx) and I’m back in Brunei!

It’s been quite a draining sort of month. Far too much work and not enough time to play. I haven’t seen a bunch of my friends in ages, and when I do, they are equally exhasperated with work. I thought I would be getting some money a few days ago from Sarah but I’m yet to receive it so I’m pretty broke. And I still have my wretched cough.

I did 23 pages of a marketing assignment yesterday. That’s quite the achievement given I know nothing about marketing. Better not pat myself on the back too early since I haven’t got my grade for it yet. It won’t be pretty. How good can an assignment be thats done by two people out of a group of five, who know nothing about marketing, who did it in one day, when they had six weeks to do it?

Two more weeks of university to go!

It’s funny because I don’t really see any of the people I normally hang out with. No Christine. No Mcgee. No Melissa. No Denise. I have no idea where they are. Doing film shoots and assignments probably.

Instead I hang out with Rebecca from my videogames 101 class and go to the tav. We always try and get people to come along. We managed our best crowd this Tuesday. Five people! Getting drunk at 10.30 in the morning is ace.

Rebecca, Jenny Tan and Sarah have all mentioned having some big end of semester party. Sounds like a good idea. Both Rebecca and Sarah are prone to getting wasted and making out with other girls. Seeing two drunk college girls making out is on my ‘to do’ list.

Polly is having a house warming party two years late at the start of December. Should be good though I have a sneaking suspicion it might be one of those nights where everyone is on an insane amount of drugs except me. That’d suck.

I went to a World Cup rugby game on Sunday. Samoa vs. Georgia. It was pretty awesome. Good crowd with most of the 21,000 behind Georgia who absolutely sucked. Game finished at around 50-9 in favour of Samoa.

That’s about all from me for now. Expect far more frequent and detailed updates in a couple of weeks. I know you’ll be waiting with baited breath.

R.I.P Hawk of the Road Warriors/Legion of Doom.

Posted by Edo @ 10:52 AM AST [Link] [2 comments]

Replies: 2 comments

Edo for the marketýng project just do ýt revolvýng around thýs:

Target Market: Who you are tryýng to reach

Product: What are you sellýng?

Prýce: What ýs ýt based around and compare to competýtýon etc

Place: Where you are goýng to dýstrýbute ýt etc

Promotýon: How are you goýng to advertýse promote ýt

Thats the basýcs and just elaborate ýf that helps at all

Posted by Pat @ 10/23/2003 09:17 PM AST

… no more hawk? *sniff sniff*

Posted by Matt @ 10/23/2003 08:56 PM AST

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