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World Cup 2010: England vs USA

Goddamit, my iPhone ran out of battery so my alarm didn’t go off and I slept through the game.  That thing was on like 20% charged and it wasn’t enough to see me through 🙁

So I checked up on the results this morning and:

“Steve Gerrard “The whole team is behind Rob Green”. In retrospect, that’s a good place to stand.” – Russel Brand, Twitter.

England 1:  USA 1

The tabloids probably regret all that trolling they’ve been doing before the game.

One of the funniest stories I read was that if you were watching the game in the UK, you only saw one goal thanks to ITV and their coverage:


In the other game of the round, Argentina beat Nigeria 1- 0 with an underperforming Messi not able to capitalize on 2-3 golden opportunities.  That doesn’t do wonders for my stupid fantasy football team.

I read quite an interesting statistic about Diego Maradonna, football legend and notable coke fiend, regarding his squad selection for Argentina.  The man has played 108 different players for the national squad in the past 18 months.  Quite incredible.

Oh well, time to enjoy the day then get ready for the big one tonight:  Australia vs Germany.

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