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Turkey lurkey

Back at school now after spending a week on the Turkish coast. The place i stayed at was called Alanya thats basically revolves around tourists and has this massive castle at the top of a nearby mountain that looks over the city. Plus good weather and beaches.

It was a sweet vacation overall though. One day we went out on a boat with about thirty other people and went around the nearby areas including this sweet ass cave, cliffs where he jumped off, and a few beaches; included in the price was all-inclusive food and alcohol. So needless to say we all got shit faced, my buddy Adam fell off the boat because he was so drunk. They had these huge stereo systems too that were pounding all these euro songs. So everyone was dancing in the sun on this boat and all drinking vodka and cola. It was quite the party, people were diving off the boat and everything. It was so fun we did the same thing the next day but not with drinks as we were all pretty hung over to shit.

Then the day after…i was fairly sunburnt…but we hiked up to the Alanya castle ruins where the views were fucking amazing. Took plenty of photos that i always seem to forget at home. We walked along castle walls for about 2km…it was huge. Then we hiked down and we were all beat…so had some dinner and a few beers and had a mellow night.

By now i hadnt shaved in like four days…so i got some Turkish guy to give me a shave with one of those razors. During this time he was telling me how he fucked forty woman last year without his wife finding out and carried on telling me that if anyone hits on his wife he kills them. He said he kills them with razors to the throat..this is all whilst hes shaving me with these exact razors. Fuck what a psycho.

The Turks love their backgammon and apple tea so i sat down and played with some dude drinking apple tea. I kicked his ass as i played with my Mum a lot when i was younger, he was mad and said something in Turkish to me.

Then did some shopping and before we knew it, time to go home. We had to take a two hour bus ride, a three hour plane ride, then a two hour train ride, and finally a ten minute bike ride to get home. Fuck!

But, if anyone has a chance to get down to Southern Turkey ever…i give the thumbs up to the place.

Figure, I should do some studying now. My parents are asking questions such as ‘Arent you supposed to be going to school’, im like…’err yeah’. So i better start sometime.

Later Gator

Posted by Pat @ 08:31 PM AST [Link] [3 comments]

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Yeah, orange juice sellers everywhere. The castle views were amazing. I also bought some of that shabby aftershave and some diesel gear.

Hey did you go on the boats with the loud music and all inclusive alcohol

Posted by Pat @ 10/30/2003 09:56 PM AST

your travel stories are inspirational. i want to be shaved by a wife cheating psyco. but i don’t have enough facial hair;p good to hear your having fun pat, keep it up.

Posted by jassa @ 10/27/2003 10:28 PM AST

What about the dude you almost got in to a fight with?

Those were some pretty sweet stories. That shaving one in particular was cool.

Posted by Edo @ 10/27/2003 08:40 PM AST

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