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Zero tolerance crime, my ass!

On Thursday my GF, Sophy is coming home from London where she has spend the last 3 weeks having a fantastic time with out me. She went over with her friends Sid and Sacha. Anyhoo. As a welcome home present, we decided to make a huge poster and stick on on a fence for them to see as we retune from the airport. To make a poster you normally require a surface to paint on. So we hunt around the house, but to no avail. Guess what? It’s election time. You know how all those wanky politicians stick up huge bill boards, “Vote Greens”, “National will make NZ a better place” and “Zero tolerance to crime” bla bla bla. Not to say I think politics are a waste of time, but I don’t feel my vote will make any impact on me. Back to the story. So we’re driving around looking for a sign to steal. HELLO! What’s that over there. Stuck to a fence is a 1.5 x 3 meter plastic sign (You know the stuff they make real estate signs out of?) with “Zero tolerance to crime” “Vote ACT!”printed on it. “Give me the fucking hammer!” I yell, I ran across the road and slowly begin to pry it off the fence. It’s taking a while and every time a staple comes out it makes goes “POP!”. Fuck it “April, open the back out the Ute and start the car!”. Once she is in place, I wrench the fucker from the fence. It peals off without a problem, the sound was amazing. It sounded like somebody was going hard with a automatic pop gun. We sped off into the distance without a single witness. Personally we found it fucking hilarious, but it might be one of those things when you had to be there.

Back to work.

I’m happy today :o)
I like being happy :o)

Note:  This blog was written by Tim Boyd

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