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Cheese Slippers

I was reading through my old journals (as you do) and i realised that every year, from October til December…i go through a real crappy time. I’m jinxed. Looking on the bright side, at least there’s hope for me…next year.

Its been a quiet week since i last blogged. I spent all of Sunday nursing myself better. On Monday, me and my friend Stephane went out to get some dinner at everybody’s favorite place to eat, Noodle City. Then i spent the evening at the girl’s house, drinking tea, and dancing in the kitchen. When i say the girl’s house, that includes Stephane too but i cant be arsed to add “and Stephane’s”. Its lovingly nicknamed the Ghetto Gardens. Anyway. Tuesday, I had a set design meeting but skived off in the middle of it to have a drink with Owen. He came over to hang out at our flat (awww, just like old times) and we had a fry up for dinner when Eastenders was finished. Then we went to the pub down the road, and tried to kick ass at the pub quiz. But we came third. There was scallies and weirdos in there in abundance. One hideously tall guy was wearing a scrunchie in his hair. We wanted to call our quiz team Scrunchies Aren’t the Way Forward, but ended up with something even lamer like Dazed, Confused and a Northerner. I had a mini rant in the pub about how every Tuesday for the past two years we went out to a club. Religiously. And now we were sitting in the pub like old people. I’m not a fan of this getting older business.

Not heard alot from Rob.

Now i’m in the library, doing “research”. I want to go to the bar later. Anything but sitting around at home in a dull blue funk.

Posted by Angela @ 12:35 AM AST [Link] [2 comments]

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i was in a pub quiz in april and we finished 2nd outta 18 teams… i was really proud! mind you we actually finished tied-first but we “lost” a bulshit tie-breaker question.. stupid pub quizes.

Posted by Matt @ 10/17/2003 08:22 AM AST

I’ve only been to one pub quiz. That was with Dave and Neil. Neil took the thing real serious and was shouting at the announcer guy because he was retarded and kept reading out the wrong answers.

Can’t remember what our team was called.

Good times.

Posted by Edo @ 10/17/2003 01:28 AM AST

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