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The Happy World of Haribo!

Why do people leave important things to do the night before. Its STRESSay week at westminster uni, and i haven’t written squat. I have alot of books tho, so i feel less guilty. Oh well, i guess its just gonna have to be a long night. It was beauuuuutiful today, so i spent three hours lying on the grass outside the dorms, getting tanned, and bunking off a class as usual. I really have to break that habit. I worked out that my year is the slackest bunch of media students. The first and third years are so hardcore into their work.

Definitions for those not from London:
Raz: meaning to drink, dance and be merry “on the raz tonight”
Yerpz: meaning to flirt and chat up as many people as possible ” i’m on the yerpz tonight”

I’m just trying to sound all intelligent like. I’m going to go home later and dye my hair red. Its so tedious. Any excuse to put off working. Hey, the best essays get written the night before!! Skool Disco tomorow night. Its just an excuse for girls to dress like sluts, and men to yerpz them. Its a good laugh.
When do men decide that the girl’s they’re dating are their girlfriends? Apparently i have a boyfriend now, why dont people tell me these things? Honestly…it would save alot of confusion from the start if everyone was honest with each other. Picture it, you’re in a club/bar/wherever and Random Man comes up to you. I’d rather he say “excuse me, but i cant tear my eyes away from your chest, i would like to take you out to dinner and have rampant sex with you later tonight, perhaps if i like you enough, i’ll do it again” instead of “let me buy you a drink” Its just silly if you ask me.

I didnt sleep alot last night. Apparently America has fired 40 missiles at Baghdad. They retaliated with 2.

I was in the audience for this breakfast show here called R:ISE and i got to meet famous people. I sat with the singer, Brian, from Placebo. I was at the coffee bar, and they sat him next to me. He was quite little and sweet. I asked him what mascara he used, cuz his eyelashes were amazing. He laughed and told me to ask his makeup artist. Maybe its Maybelline.

I’m so hungry, i could eat a sausage roll.

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Angela lives in the UK with her cat Leo. She enjoys reading, gardening and recreationally fighting elderly women.

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