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The Ashes 2009

It’s been an entertaining 3 days of cricket so far. Australia appear to be in control of this test but there is still a shade of uncertainty after the loss of 3 quick wickets this morning.

The clear highlight of this game so far is of course Kevin Pietersen throwing away England’s control of the match with his amazing dismissal where he played a premeditated sweep shot attempting to paddle the ball down leg side when it was bowled about a metre away from the off-stump. I think I tried the same shot the last time I played beach cricket at Serasa.



Now, it’s pretty widely accepted that this Ashes doesn’t necessarily have the calibre of player from series past (Australia are in a rebuilding phase and England are crap).  That said, is Stuart Broad really one of the best three bowlers in Britain?  Dude seems to have really inconsistent line and length.  He gets no wickets and gives up boundaries pretty cheaply.  Also, someone should tell Graeme Swann that he’s not playing baseball.  I haven’t seen that much full-tossing going on since Ed Ross and Majid went to Jupiter 8.

Twitter update from former cricketer and Aussie commentator Jason Gillespie:

Jason_Gillespie Can someone let me in the media centre? Am locked out
15 minutes ago from TwitterFon

I think England are pretty screwed.  They actually batted pretty well in their first innings but they don’t seem to have enough wicket takers.  Monty is awesome and all but his economical bowling is no good if there isn’t someone at the other end taking wickets.


Michael Clarke brings up his hundred.  Seems like a good excuse to post a picture of his special lady:



I find it weird that cricket players get hot celebrity girlfriends and wives in Australia. Its not the most glamorous of sports.  I wonder if W.G Grace got trophy babes back in the day?

W.G Grace: ladies man?

W.G Grace: ladies man?

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  1. I know – Englands bowling is quite worrying and Australia’s batting does look a lot stronger than I initially thought. England have potential to win tests but it comes down to Strauss and Pietersen delivering with the Bat. Andersen is a decent bowler as is Monty but I agree with you on Broad – Harmy even though is inconsistent can really take wickets on his day.

  2. i have no idea what anyone is talking about

  3. i’m with Sam.

  4. Monty saves the day.. (with his batting!!)

    .. my word, after a tantilizingly boring first middle three days the last session of day 5 was the most tense I have been watching cricket in years! brilliant stuff.. the crowd were going mental with every one of monty’s blocks. hero!

    Although ahead of the next test England will need to change a few things:

    – Broad out. Graham Onions in.
    – Monty out (boo). Harmison in (boo).

    Oh and we should also try and convince the Aussies to swap Peter Siddle (the most likely future rapist in the world) with Clarke’s missus..

  5. Matt, I read your first suggested change and thought you wanted England to play 3 spinners.


    ” I FOUND a copy of Mysterious production of eggs in a box of my ex girlfriends stuff and listened to it” – Sam’s Twitter feed.

    I don’t understand the random capitalisation of words nor what the sentence means. 🙁

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