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Back to good old blog-a-roonie

So the year in Europe is over now and now i am back in the sunny okanagan as they call this part of Canada. And man what a year it was, full of seeing amazing sights, meeting the coolest people, catching up with some brunei folk and working full time for the first time.

A year abroad especially in Europe for me was the best thing that could have happened really as it was probably the best education anyone can ever get. Two big thumbs up amd fully reccommended.

After arriving in Vancouver i knew it was an end to an era in my life, and it is now time to get back to the normal life instead of that of a rockstar really where the whole time money wasnt an issue, just having the funnest time possible everyday was the real worry last year.

I got back and saw my parents that have aged by a year but they are essentially the same great people that they always have been. And for some reason i wasnt that keen to go and catch up with my friends that i thought i would have been. So having after a great jet lagged produced sleep it wasnt long til the phone started ringing. I went over to my friend’s house as they have all moved out now to see how they were doing. To my amazment, alright i actually expected it, they were sitting in front of the tele smoking weed like they were a year ago. I wouldnt say i was dissapointed, but i realized i didnt want their lifestyle anymore, i wanted much more.

I do miss London so much though, despite how easy it is to complain about the place, from it being expensive to nothing working as it should and the crime. The city is fucking fantastic, it is cultural, fun, exciting, and full of flare. Ok so i dont have much city experience really but London was pretty cool.

Luckily i am back at the bank again working full time now in Vernon, BC, the job is great and i will start my final year of school this year. Lots of arts courses and capstone business courses to finish before receiving a Bachelor in Business Administration. Sounds important for just a piece of freaking paper.

Tonight being a Saturday night, i went down to Kelowna listening to some bad ass British rock n roll to meet Mia. Had some classic canadian beer talking about the politics of life. Great!!

To cap this first blog in a while, GO ENGLAND!!!!!! for tomorrow, beat the French. I honestly think if England win this they will have the confidence to go all the way. The team (excluding the defence and Goalie) is better than its ever been. Actually thats a lie, no Shearer. But still the best midfield of any team. Prediction England 2 France 1 with Rooney and Beckham getting the goals.


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Patrick lives in South West London with his girlfriend and works in the online marketing industry. He enjoys attending buffets, running half marathons, complaining about Air Canada and watching rugby.

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