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Help. I’m addicted to Barcelona. The drum n bass song, not the city. Although…i was trying to persuade everyone to skive a few days to go there. Perhaps its in my sub concious.

I’ve been down with ‘freshers’ flu for the past week. Along with the nastiest cough in the history of coughs. It made me go blue in the face and i’m pretty sure you could hear my lungs rattling. So it’s around dinner time here, i’m sitting by thw window and i have to say, the sunset outside is very pretty. Rather like the ones you see in Brunei. Pink and puffy.

Its been awhile since i’ve blogged, so i guess theres quite a bit to talk about. Firstly, the party that my friends had last Wednesday was veerreee eventful. The police got called in by some nasty neighbour. I’m not sure if it was because of the car’s parked outside being too loud, the fight that our ‘friend’ Killer started, or the noise level. But it was still good. I wasn’t in a good mood though. Friday was good. It started off innocent enough, i was at uni all day, and we went out for dinner because our friend Viren was leaving for a few months. We went back to his house to watch the video footage from the party, and after that was over, i wanted a mini adventure. Friday night happened to be the Fresher’s Ball on campus so we thought we’d meander over there to check it out. Which was a bad idea because in the back’s of our minds, we all blatantly wanted to crash it. So after scoping out the campus, we hid behind the skip by the canteen, pulled ourselves up on a ledge and opened the back door which leads into an empty corridor inside uni. It was hilarious…i had fun. We had obviuosly crashed it seeing as we were the only people there dressed casually in jeans while everyone else was tarted up. Anyway, i made sure i got drunk, very quickly. Friends of ours that had bothered to pay to go that night laughed at our legendariness. Rob was there. This is where things get weird again.

At the end of the night, he started up on me again, and we walked home together. Enough said, no one needs the details. I learnt from Mikie the next day that his house mates were asking him what was going on with us, and something about Rob wanting to get back together. Confusing times. This is where Finlay Quaye’s new song gets played in the background, and the camera closes up on my face as i get serious….


Ismay also spent the weekend in London, although i was so ill i didnt see her til Monday, the day she was leaving. I met her and Bonnie in Oxford Circus. We went to this trendy little sushi bar called Itsu for dinner, and then had to go to Heathrow to say goodbye. That sucked. I tried to make her miss her flight. Obviously this failed. Spent all of yesterday at uni, in one meeting after another. Its ridiculous. There are meetings before the main meeting and then meetings after the main meeting and then little sub group meetings…its so t e d i o u s.

I have to plan our road trip documentary. Well, just two of the stops (aberdeen and manchester)
I want to go to the bar instead.

Posted by Angela @ 01:34 AM AST [Link] [2 comments]

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bonnie is an air hostess for an aussie airline. she’s good, it was crazy seeing her again!!!

yes, i will be back for xmas. But only for 3 weeks =[

Posted by angie @ 10/09/2003 09:17 PM AST

Bonnie!! man, i havent heard bout her in many a year. whats she up to?

Angie, are you coming back to brunei for christmas?


Posted by Matt @ 10/09/2003 09:57 AM AST

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